Class Descriptions

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All of our yoga classes are taught in a manner that is meant to be accessible for students of all levels of strength, flexibility, and yoga experience.  Our teachers vary in their teaching styles, but all of our classes are rooted in the classical Hatha Yoga tradition emphasizing mindful breathing, proper alignment, physical and mental awareness, and meditation techniques.  It is understood that yoga poses and techniques that are easy for some may not be as easy for others.  This is true regardless of ones “level” of yoga experience. At Barefoot Yoga, we encourage ALL students to: 1) “show up”, 2) “do what you can” pose by pose, 3) keep coming back one class at a time, and, 4) observe the unfolding of YOUR OWN yoga practice without judgment.

Yin Yoga A slower, more passive practice which promotes emotional well-being by focusing on joint as opposed to muscle movement.  Promotes relaxation and concentration through longer held poses (2-4 minutes).  This practice enhances the natural range of motion in joints, supports the organs and immune system, and down regulates the nervous system.  Some classes will also focus on restorative poses to nurture self and quiet the mind. Accessible to students of all ages and levels of strength, flexibility, and yoga experience.  


You are not limited to specific classes – come to any class, any day.


Yoga mats and other props are provided.