“For everyone, no matter what their age or level of expertise, the important issue in hatha yoga is not flexibility and the ability to do difficult postures, but awareness – awareness of body and breath. From this awareness comes control, and from control comes grace and beauty. Even postures approximated by beginning students can carry the germ of poise and elegance.”


Anatomy and Hatha Yoga

by H. David Coulter

Meet the Instructors

Charlie Phillips received his yoga teacher certification from the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA. In addition, he received a 40-hour teacher certification in Ashtanga Yoga studying with David Swenson. His primary emphasis in his yoga instruction is on mindful breath, proper anatomical foundation and body awareness, self-acceptance, with the underlying tenet of "progress not perfection!" Some of his other passions include playing guitar and other musical instruments, songwriting, connecting with nature, softball, Frisbee, bowling, table tennis, and cultivating friendship and community. He is the owner of Barefoot Yoga and Massage Studio and lives in Glen Mills with his wife Teresa and their wire fox terrier, Chamonix.
Teresa Winte found yoga in 1996 and has not stopped practicing.  She was drawn to the Ashtanga practice and philosophy, but most of all to the yoga community.  Her travels have included many yoga retreats and workshops; gaining insight from many teachers.  In 2009, she began her study of Classical Yoga through the YogaLife Institute.  Through YogaLife she became a certified teacher with over 1000 hours of training.  Currently, she is studying Ayurveda with the Himalayan Institute. 


George Depaola found yoga in April 2005.  He began learning the art of teaching in May 2006.  Initiated in the himalayan tradition in 2007, where he has undertaken the 200 and 500 hour teacher trainings with the Himalayan Institute.  He continues study at the Institute and with Rod Stryker (Para Yoga), Kaliji (Triyoga), and Joan White (Iyengar).  He aims to allow students to become rooted in Being using the breath with asana.

Ashley Wagner started practicing yoga 5 years ago in Boulder, Colorado. She immediately fell in love with the way yoga made her feel and she used it to help her through times of stress and struggle. With the intention of learning more about herself, she completed a year-long 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training program at the Yoga Life Institute. Over the year she gained incredible insights about herself and uncovered invaluable tools to help her navigate through this journey of life. She believes yoga is the tool for cultivating self-awareness and long lasting, healthy relationships. Her intent for teaching is to share the joy that yoga has brought her with others. She plans to continue to study yoga and never stop learning. As long as she is helping her students, they are helping her, as she believes, “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”

Jennifer Maguire began teaching yoga more than 7 years ago.  Dedicated to the mind/body connection in every aspect of life, Jennifer approaches yoga as a journey that is accessible to everyone, and strives to help her students find their own connections and challenges in yoga.  Considering herself a "student of everything", Jennifer is always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow. She enjoys cooking, nutrition, and everything fitness-related, including kick boxing and aerial yoga. 

A lifelong athlete, Nina Rizzo went to college to play field hockey, but the universe had other plans. After a diagnosis of compartment syndrome during her freshman year, an unsuccessful surgery, and three trying years of attempts to return to her sport, she found herself on a yoga mat. She went to physically heal, but found so much more - she instantly felt connected to and inspired by the practice of yoga. This began a beautiful spiritual, emotional, and physical transformation in her life. She began to employ the self awareness she gained in yoga into her everyday life, and wanted to share this practice with others. 


Nina completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Svadhyaya at Stillpoint Yoga Studio in King of Prussia, PA in January 2016 and is currently working on her Masters in I/O Psychology.  She works as an addictions counselor and is a certified meditation teacher. She shines with positive energy and hopes to plant seeds in others that will help them grow into their full potential.