As of January 2016, Charlie is on a sabbatical from massage therapy. 


1 Hour Massage $85

1 1/2 Hour Massage $105

Off-site massage available. Inquire for rates.

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Enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic massage at Barefoot Yoga and Massage Studio provided by Charlie Phillips. Charlie's style is rooted in the Esalen (pronounced Ess-ah-lin) massage technique and integrated with deep tissue, Thai yoga massage, and cranial sacral modalities. Esalen Massage is rooted in classical Swedish massage and is characterized by long lengthening strokes, gentle rocking and stretching, passive joint movement, sculpting of deep musculature, and a flowing style.


Esalen massage draws from the Swedish and Trager massage traditions and from sensory awareness - it is a method of encouraging people to get in touch with their bodies through the art of touch. Charlie's slow and mindful massage is an integration of long and lengthening strokes, gentle rocking and muscle stretching, and deep muscle detail. Its flowing and rhythmic approach emphasizes the whole person - body, mind, and spirit - rather than a summary of parts. Charlie's massage encourages stress reduction, heightened breath and body awareness, and deep relaxation. Personal attention takes precedence over "textbook" technique, making each session a unique experience. It is a healthy way to handle stress and promote both physical and emotional healing.


Charlie’s massage flows from moment to moment. It is a non-invasive, non-painful approach that brings awareness to the body and away from habitual thought patterns. During the massage, the practitioner and recipient tune in and go on a flowing rhythmic journey that includes a shared observation of the innate capacity for self-healing from within through deep relaxation and breath.



The Therapist

Charlie Phillips, owner of the Studio, began practicing massage as a way to connect with people and to further his meditation practice. He believes strongly in the power of touch to heal both the body and spirit.


"Sadly, I believe many of us have become quite guarded and seem to have lost the ability to touch and to be touched. During my training at Esalen, I realized that it is as much a challenge to learn to receive a massage as it is to learn to give one. Learning to surrender on the table was an extremely freeing experience for me. Giving a massage is truly a meditative experience for me. It requires me to move from head-centeredness to heart-centeredness, and to focus and tune in solely on the individual on the table. It always moves me to a very balanced place."


Charlie received his training in Big Sur, California, at the Esalen Institute.





"Charlie loves his work, and sees the value and worth in using his hands to treat another human being with his healing power. Go for it!" - Maxine M.


“Charlie is a true master harnessing the essence of Esalen massage." - Suzanne K.


“Charlie has the mind and hands of an artist...” - Jay F. "


The best present to give (and especially receive!) is a gift certificate for a massage from Charlie!" - Patti V.


"Charlie has been a huge asset to my training and racing. His bodywork has kept me injury free and feeling great week after week.” - Shannon M., TeamUSA triathlete


"Charlie’s massage technique is different than anything I’ve ever experienced before, and has given me back movement in my hips. The most relaxing yet invigorating massage I have ever had!” - Marge M.


“Charlie is only person in the area who is doing the Esalen method and he is truly gifted at it. I couldn’t recommend a better massage practitioner. He has intuitive healing hands and a clear being that resonates with peace.” - Paula M.


"I use Charlie’s massages as part of my total wellness regimen. Each is different using a combination of various techniques based entirely on my personal need… I affectionately call Charlie my physician." - Peter B.


"I Have been receiving massages for 25 years as I travel around the US and abroad. The massage I receive from Charlie exceeds any other massage received at the finest luxury resort properties. Why leave town for a masterful and soulful massage when it is right here in my backyard ?" - Peter F.


"I am a massage therapist, 11 years, and this massage was one of the best I have ever had - sincerely. I enjoyed the Thai techniques that were incorporated into my massage and I appreciate and respect Charlie's talent." - Anonymous Client